First Missions Trip

Hi Friends and Family…

This is to let you know of my first missions trip scheduled for this fall, September 13th-23rd. 

I cannot be more excited to share with you my journey and invite you to travel along with me as I post about my preparations, the team, the travel, the experiences and the amazing outcomes that God has in store for “us” as we join together to support His purposes. 

I have been invited to travel to Kenya on behalf of LIFE International out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a team of four others.  The mission of LIFE International is to multiply life-giving ministries around the world where attacks on human life are performed.  Here is their site:

Right now I am raising awareness, raising funds and raising prayer support….much is needed in all areas.

Have you been wondering what God is up to in the area of abortion?  Think of this….with over 40 million abortions performed around the globe every year, think of them as the most unreached people group.  If this moves you or stirs you to action, please know that is God working in you to nudge you to get involved, of which there are many ways.  I invite you to spend some time on the site for LIFE International and pray about it.  I recently finished a book by Henry Blackaby and Claude King entitled, Experiencing God.  One of the main themes of the book is to find out what God is doing, where He is going, and go with Him!

Well, God is going to Kenya in September and “we” are going with him.  You may support Him by becoming aware of what He is up to through LIFE International and travel along with me and an amazing team of four others.  Just being with this team for ten days will be an amazing experience in itself.  I am indeed honored and blessed to be included. 

The funds needed for my trip are approx. $5,300.  My husband and I are donating 25%, leaving a balance of $4,000.  My church has donated $500, leaving a balance of $3,500. 

Here are a few ways to contribute financially. 

(1) Checks/tax deductible donations may be made payable to LIFE International, and mailed to LIFE International, 72 Ransom Avenue NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503-3217.  Please note in the memo line:  Linda Moore, Kenya, 2013. 

(2) Funds may be sent directly to me.  Please send an email to for my address and contact information. 

(3) Another way is to donate your Delta Airline Miles.  We can work together on that option.  Please contact me at

(4)  100% of my income from my health and wellness business are going towards my trip.  Here is my website if you’d like to donate by shopping:   

Another vast area of support will be through prayer.  If you would like to be on my prayer team and receive prayer requests and praises, much prayer will be needed for this trip and all of LIFE International.  The six days of training in Kenya will consist of three days on abstinence training and three days on post-abortion recovery training.  The training team is currently meeting on curriculum and using a new learning philosophy and methodology.

Our host is Bramuel Musya and his blog is  Be sure to read his post on The 72 Ransom Avenue Convenant, created during the 2012 Global Leaders’ Life Summit. 

The training will be entirely in English, the destination will be Nairobi, the team has been confirmed and tickets will be purchased very soon.  I am working on immunizations, fund raising, prayer support, visas, packing and generally being just plain excited.  People are asking me if I am scared.  I am not.  Even though what I am reading is pretty scary, I am surprisingly not scared.  One of my mentors recently confirmed that God will go with me, that He will never leave me nor forsake me.  I am definitely excited, but not fearful. 

The following was taken from the Spring 2013 Life International Newsletter:

How To Impact the World for Life

1.  Pray.  The most powerful way to engage in this mission and to effect change in our world is to begin on our knees before God.

2.  Sow.  Every gift given generously toward God–no matter the size–makes a difference!

3.  Go.  You can employ your expertise and skills to equip others around the world for life-giving ministry. 

Blessings.  Always.








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