For Greater Good

It’s 61 degrees in Nairobi right now….it’s 7:45 p.m Monday evening…and cloudy and overcast.  My mind is in Nairobi getting ready to go to Mombasa….where it is 75 degrees and overcast as well.

The five-member team met this morning via Skype and phone and this was my first meeting with them.  It was 6:30 a.m. PDT here in Richland and 4:30 p.m. in Nairobi.  Our host was on the call, as well as the four other team members and another staff member from LIFE International.  Just to hear their voices was humbling to know that this team is “connected” and meeting and working toward God’s greater good. 

Coming from a background in corporate America, where I served mostly in a support role, or client services manager, I didn’t have people working under me, nor did I supervise others, or manage a department.

My first job out of the corporate world was with Goodwill Industries in Tacoma, serving as Exec. Assistant.  I was struck by the vast difference between corporate America and this, my first job, in the not-for-profit industry.  The “mission” made all the difference.  And what a difference it was.  The people at Goodwill are all working for the greater good of people, citizens, members of life, the disadvantaged and the disabled.  People come in disadvantaged, and leave advantaged.  They come in disabled, and leave abled.  It was striking to be in the environment, still in a support role, but working toward a greater good, a greater mission, a greater purpose, with a greater goal:  for people to become employed.

I hadn’t even started working for Goodwill yet, when someone said to me, “Oh, Goodwill!  They made my brother feel normal!!”  At that time, I knew this organization called Goodwill was blessing the lives of others.

This morning as I sat in on the meeting to discuss the planning, the intended outcomes, the participants, the training, etc., I was again struck by the overriding, underlying, all consuming “mission” of LIFE International and God’s intended outcomes for His people, His children, His work in the world. Still in a support role, there was a major difference in my heart that was felt while I was listening to the trainers and leaders as they continue doing His work. To be part of this journey is just too exciting. I noticed my heart was pumping a little faster, my pulse was noticeably beating at a higher rate and this all happened 30 minutes before the scheduled call! I always know that when I get that little bit of blood pumping and excitement, it’s a good bit of impetus to keep going in that same direction….God is on the move. And I know I am on the right track when I’m going where He is going.

As I was praying before the call this morning, I asked God specifically for His intended outcome. The message I received was “open hearts”. The word “open” can be used an adjective or a verb. In this case, I believe He wants to do both. He wants to “open” hearts, so that hearts may remain “open”. My favorite verse in the Bible is Ezekiel 36:26. “I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” He wants our hearts to be alive, fleshy, pumping, vibrant, excited, growing, expanding, jumping around in our chests! This is for His greater good.

Our destination in September is Mombasa; however, the greater destination will always be love. Thank you for joining me on this journey toward love. Please visit for more information on this amazing organization.

2 thoughts on “For Greater Good”

    1. Thank you Cindy! You may send financial donations to LIFE International, 72 Ransom Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. In the memo line write, 13KECONF, and it will be designated for the group/trip.

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