For such a time as this…

Two weeks from today, a journey takes me to flight…Seattle-Detroit-Amsterdam-Nairobi-Mombasa.  I’m busy with shopping, packing, checking my list, planning, prioritizing, ordering Kenyan schillings, and watching for emails from Michelle, our liaison and team member.  When I take a minute to sit and be quiet, I come to tears at the thought that this is actually happening.  That I get to be a messenger for God, that I get to be on this team that He has assembled, that I get to put my feet into the “end of the earth” soil, that I get to witness Him in action as He transforms lives, that I get to be honored, lowly me, for such a time as this.  It’s beyond what I can comprehend and the tears well up from my humble heart.


We will be in Mariakani, about an hour outside of Mombasa, staying in an apartment.  “It’s primitive” was the answer we received when we asked about electricity, debit cards, computer access.  There is no refrigeration….and I am so ready for this.  Because.  It’s not about the computer access.  It’s about the access to God…which is readily available.  It’s not about electricity.   It’s about what happens when the “light” goes on in someone’s heart as God enters that person’s life.  It’s not about refrigeration.  It’s about the warmth that is always available through Christ.  It’s not about debit cards.   It’s about the debit side of our accounts that have been paid for us through His son.  Yes, we will be in a remote area; however, we will not be disadvantaged, even “remotely”.  Where we are going in Africa is “primitive”.  Where we are going in HIM, is anything but primitive.

LIFE International is sending this team of five to Kenya.  There will be six days of training…three on abstinence and three on abortion-recovery and how to talk with an abortion-minded person.  Please pray with us as three leaders train church leaders to lead others.  LIFE International is out of Grand Rapids MI and their mission is to multiply life-giving ministries around the world where abortions are performed.  With over 40 million abortions performed each year around the globe, think of this as the most unreached people group.  This is the language of LIFE International.

Our host is Bramuel Musya, CEO of Straight Path Resources, and also known as the African Story Teller.  Just to be in his audience, is going to be life changing.

Just to be traveling with this team is going to be pivotal and momentous.  My role as journalist will be to capture the moment/s as they happen during the six days of training on the sanctity of human life.  Truly a mission.  Truly an honor.  Truly about love.  Truly about changed hearts.  Truly about what’s possible when we allow Jesus to rule our hearts.

Two weeks from today….

4 thoughts on “For such a time as this…”

  1. God grant you and your companions success at planting seeds of love, of Him in many hearts. I pray the hearts you encounter in Africa will be like well-tilled soil, rich and nurturing, that will accept the seeds and produce large yields of repentance, conversion, good works, and changed lives. The world won’t change ’til hearts change! May the good Lord bless you for your desire to honor and enrich Him. Linda, I wish I’d known what a strong Christian you were while we shared those few weeks of vanpooling. I enjoy your writing and am praying for you and your team.

    1. Thank you Laura for your prayers! I agree it’s all about the heart…Ezekiel 36:26. I will remove your heart of stone. This is my favorite verse. I like to say that God is the master of “the inside job”. I’m so glad our paths crossed briefly…your prayers are pivotal to this mission and I thank you from my humble heart. Prayers for you and your family as well. In Him. Always.

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