Day Six…Just for FUN!

ImageAs I work on my goals for 2014, I keep having FUN with learning how to blog….so in effect, I am already fulfilling parts of my FUN goal…amazing how it happens when a “fun” goal is set….fun starts to happen.  I always knew that setting goals was important; however, I never went about the task of creating them and writing them down.  So, my first goal this year will be to set goals.  And it’s fun!  So two goals are already in the works!

Today is day six of thirty days of blog training…it is suggested that I use the colors of the rainbow in my post:

Red:  Redirect my life

Orange:  Eat lots of these

Yellow:  Look for the sun in everything

Green:  My favorite color

Blue:  My grandma’s favorite color

Indigo:  Go for it

Violet:  Let fun happen!

Thank you WordPress!

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