Linda Moore
Richland WA

Bio: My dad used to call me Brat No. 1 (eldest of three brats), mom's nickname for me is Babe, I'm proudly called Mom by my daughter; Mimi by my granddaughter. I'm happily married to a wonderful husband, and have a brother and sister whom I cherish, with lots of fun nieces and nephews. After reading Discovering Your God Given Gifts, by the Thurstons, I found my number one gift is compassion and my number two gift is teaching. According to the Clifton Strengths Finder, my top five strengths are Positivity, Connectedness, Learner, Belief and Intellection. As of this year I am a goal-setter. I'm pretty sure I am a pent-up entrepreneur, having studied motivational speakers since high school and spending 22 years with a large commercial bank. Really I am just a plain old normal regular ordinary sinner and my one goal in life is to hear these words: "Well done good and faithful servant." God calls me his child....for which I am blessed and honored and grateful. Jesus is my BFF and all my family and friends come second and I come third. My purpose in life is to live for the sake of others, I have been called to work for the poorest of the poor, to go to the far ends of the earth, to be ready to take the call and to take the call. It's all about the heart....and my heart beats for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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