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2014 Goals — Someday Is Today

Annual Goals…..where to start?  As I began to think about 2014, resolutions never entered my mind.  It wasn’t about resolving anything, or solving anything, or being determined or deciding or having courage (all listed under the definition of resolution).  It was about paying attention, listening to the small clear voice, taking note and being mindful.  There were certainly ideas, hopes, dreams, wishes, maybes and someday’s; however, it became clear that I was to plan my year, write it down, read it back, pray over it, be wise, edit it, and pay attention to the inner desires and longings to get to the heart of the matter.

I began by listing my top five values in life….Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness and Fun….and then listing ideas for growth under each of these categories with a date of completion.  And then I prayed.  As I began to feel anxious that it was too much, not obtainable or out of balance, I adjusted the timeline (not the ideas) to a more realistic plan.  I then prayed some more.  It became clear and comfortable and solid.  I then looked at the entire list and briefly noted how each action item related to my top five strengths…Positivity, Connectedness, Learner, Belief and Intellection. I prayed again and began to feel a pull toward accomplishment.

I then rearranged each item under headings of daily, weekly, monthly, annually and voila… goals and timelines complete.

Of course, there are many other things besides what are on this list; however, these are the growth items that need to be accomplished and are important enough to be taken on as action items, not “someday” thoughts.

(I recently learned that “someday” is not a day….and had to call my daughter to tell her that someday is today….and that if there was anything I promised to her that we would someday do, today was the day to do it.  The only thing she could remember was a trip to Disneyland and as we had already taken many trips to Disneyland, I was off the hook.  However, I asked her to remind me if something else comes to mind that I had promised we would do someday, and we would drop everything and do it.  This was a heartfelt conversation with some tears as my daughter relived how many times I had said “someday”….and it was never to be or to happen.)

Here is the first list….with the action items listed under my top values:

First goal for 2014:  Create Goals

Faith–Take the Perspectives Course; study the Bible, journal and pray; fast for 21 days; serve with LIFE International; serve on Missions Council at church; serve as peer counselor for Tri-Cities Pregnancy Network (TCPN)

Family–Visit Cousins in WA; Visit brother and sister-in-law in NH

Finances–Sign up for Social Security, train 20 new business partners

Fitness–Swim two miles a week, eat mindfully (plant-based whole foods), drink 32 oz PiMag water daily

Fun–Golf weekly during the summer; blog weekly, find fun in everything

I added a few more goal topics just for fun:

Relational–Be present in every conversation and share from my heart; invite company for dinner monthly

Emotional–Attend Deeper Still Retreat in Knoxville

Organizational–Finish kitchen and laundry room remodel; finish painting inside of house; organize household and paperwork

Mental–Read two books of fiction; listen to Ted Talks

Share–Join Toastmasters; write a blog

Then I broke it down into annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals:

January–Write goals for 2014; Start Perspectives Course; sign up for social security; take blog training

February–Finish remodel and painting the inside of our house, organize household and paperwork

March–Set up household cleaning schedule; join Toastmasters

April–Spring Break w/Boys; Daniel Fast for 21 days prior to Easter

May–Complete the Perspectives Course

June–Two speaking opportunities in Seattle; visit cousins in WA

July–Visit brother-in-law and family in NH; Attend Deeper Still Retreat in Knoxville





December–Start 2015 goal planning; celebrate!!

Daily–Study the Bible, pray and journal, practice mindful eating, drink 32 ounces of PiMag water, find fun in everything, be present in every conversation and share from my heart, listen to a Ted Talk.

Weekly–Swim two miles, golf in the summer; serve as peer counselor for TCPN, attend Toastmasters, write a blog posting

Monthly–Train three new team members; invite company for dinner

Annually–Travel with LIFE International; read two books of fiction

So….Lord willing…my goals are set.  Here is a visualization of 2014:

2014-01-16 11.15.14

2014-01-15 08.35.17 2014-01-15 08.35.25 2014-01-15 20.34.31 2014-01-15 20.30.08 2014-01-15 20.29.56 2014-01-15 08.35.51 2014-01-15 08.36.11 2014-01-15 08.36.17 2014-01-15 08.36.25 2014-01-15 08.36.29 2014-01-15 08.36.44 2014-01-15 08.36.49 2014-01-15 08.37.022014-01-15 08.37.13 2014-01-15 08.36.56

One more step will be to record these photos and goals into the Shadow Puppet app, read it out loud and carry it with me every day….

What I am getting out of this whole process is a new sense of balance, purpose, mindfulness and fun!


God is my new boss

Something happened when I turned my life over to God. I don’t remember the day, but I do remember the conversation. “Okay God, take my life, my thoughts, my heart, my all. I’ll do whatever you say. I’ll go wherever you send me. However I can serve you Lord.” That began a quiet journey of paying attention, studying, waiting and getting ready. At that time, it was just between me and God. I surrendered. Totally.

Today, flights are confirmed, tickets are purchased, immunizations are complete, and plans are underway for my first short-term missions trip….to Kenya. Actually, it’s not my trip. It’s God’s trip and I’m going with Him. God is my new boss….and He’s called me out of retirement. Actually, He never calls us to retirement. He calls us to be productive our whole lives. So, it’s with a humble heart that I get to go to work…what an awesome honor to go to work for my new boss. And I didn’t even have to apply or interview. He already knew all about me. When I was filling out the application to become an International Training Specialist with LIFE International over two years ago, I could see how God had been training me all along. It was eye opening. OH! That’s why I had foreign exchange students living with me. OH! That’s why I flew for the airlines for Pan Am and Northwest Orient, visiting different cultures and lands. OH! That’s why I took that test to learn that my strengths were centered around compassion and teaching. OH! That’s why I had recently spent a month in India. Hmmmm….it was a course in LIFE….and God was my instructor all along. Little did I know at the time that I was “in training” for His greater purposes.

Now that I’ve “signed on”, it seems so simple. It’s kind of like this….an apple tree doesn’t struggle to grow apples, it only struggles when it tries to grow a pear. All those times of struggling, of “trying” to fit in, of wondering where I belong, of forging my own path, could have been simplified had I just surrendered long ago. For some reason, though, I didn’t accept Jesus into my life until I was fifty-two….on February 2, 2000…and I didn’t fully surrender for another eight years. There was a lot of bitterness that had to be worked through. There was a lot of learning that had to happen on the heart level. It was an “inside job”. God is the master of “inside jobs”….He wanted my heart and He worked hard and waited a long time to receive it. Today, He has my heart, simply and completely. I love my new boss. And He loves me. It’s not usually okay to fall in love with your boss…but in this case, it’s essential!

Today, my outlook, my overview, my environment, my platform, my life is different. It’s all forward thinking, forward moving, forward bound. Here’s an analogy. I purchased a new laptop recently and had to call the tech support office to assist me with set up. I gave the technician “remote access” to my computer and as I sat back and watched her move the cursor around to accomplish the tasks, I loved it! She had just taken total control of my whole computer and it was so simple! As I sat and watched, for many hours, I was reminded that this is how God is working in my life too. Just take total control of my whole life, God. I’ll just submit and watch you perform miracles in my life and in the lives of those around me. Here’s an example….I am currently co-leading the Forgiven and Set Free Bible Study for post-abortive women. A friend of mine summed it up beautifully….”we have been invited to have a front row seat to watch and help foster the transformation that happens when people allow Jesus to rule their hearts”. It’s not me…it’s God…who works in the lives of His people. The Bible is FULL of these stories. I get to be His assistant, His student, His trainee. I get to be on His staff, in His Department, in His company, in His organization, in His forward-moving enterprise.

This new job is the best job I’ve ever had….and my new boss is the best boss I could ever imagine. Thank you Lord for hiring me, for training me, for preparing me to be in your service. I accept. I obey. I submit.